Even in a world of monsters, the sound of thundering hooves still resonates across the battlefield.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Lance - Melee, Range 1"", Strength 3
    • Charge! - When a model makes a successful charge attack with this weapon, the weapon gains +2 bonus to its Strength statistic instead of the normal +1 bonus for charging.
  • Hand Weapon - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 3

Abilities Edit

  • Run Them Down - If an enemy model within this model's melee range fails its Morale check and flees outside this model's melee range, then this model can make a single melee weapon attack against the fleeing model.

Upgrades Edit

The cavalry may exchange their Lance for one of the following;

  • Bow - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 3
  • Crossbow - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 4

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