Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Longsword - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 4
  • Bite - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 3
    • Snacking - When a Living model is killed by a weapon with this rule, then the weapon's wielder heals 1 damage.

Special Abilities Edit

  • Bloodlust - When this model kills an enemy model with a melee weapon attack, put a bloodlust counter beside this model. This model's melee weapons get +1 for each bloodlust counter. A model can never claim more than a +2 bonus from this ability.
  • Frenzy - Whilst this model is damaged it gains +1 to its Movement statistic and once per turn if it kills an enemy model with a melee weapon attack then it may move 2" and make another melee weapon attack. Whilst a model is frenzied it does not need to make morale checks.

Upgrades Edit

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