Born in Mitteland the son of a Landsknecht captain, Gotz spend a troubled childhood on the battlefields of the Mitteland plains learning the art of war.

A gifted swordsman, Gotz wields an immense Drachentoter a sword crafted using the forging techniques of giants in order to cut through the scales of dragons.

Gotz' father was killed by cannonfire as he charged an artillery placement, the blast also claimed Gotz' left arm and ever since Gotz has shunned the bright colouration of typical Landsknecht infantry, prefers darker tones which make him less of a target to oncoming fire.

Equipment & Weapons Edit

  • Drachentoter - Melee, Range 2", Strength 6
    • Big Swing - When a model attacks with a weapon with this rule, it can make an attack against all models within the weapon's melee range at half strength, rounding up.
    • Slayer - When a model attacks with a weapon with this rule, roll 2d6 for damage and choose the higher result.
  • Throwing Knives - Shooting, Range 10", Strength 3

Special Abilities Edit

  • Camouflage (Landsknecht) - Whilst this model is within 2" of a friendly model with the Landsknecht tag(s) it cannot be the target of enemy shooting attacks.
  • Double Attack - When this model uses its combat action to make a melee attack with a single weapon. It makes two attacks with that weapon.
  • Fearless - This model does not need to make Morale checks and cannot have its Morale statistic reduced.

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