On the battlefields of Karsolyd the role of a marksman is highly sought after. Better to launch arrows, bolts or bullets across the battlefield than fight hand to hand with an Ogre or Troll.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Bow - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 3
  • Dagger - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 2

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • None


A marksman can replace their shortbow with one of the following;

  • Crossbow - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 4 (Price)
  • Arquebus - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 5 (Price)

A marksman can replace their Dagger with one of the following;

  • Hand Weapon - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 3 (Price)

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