A mercenary captain on Karsoyld must be brimming with charisma and the skill to back it up, they'd have to be if they can order men to charge into the ranks of Trolls, Ogres and other monsters which stalk the battlefields of Karsoyld.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Hand Weapon - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 3
  • Dagger - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 2

Abilities Edit

  • Aura of Command - All friendly models within 6 inches of this model can reroll failed Morale checks. A Morale check can only be rerolled in this way once per turn.
  • Issue Reward (Human Infantry) - During the rally phase, select an enemy model in this model's line of sight. Friendly models with the Human Infantry tag(s) get +1 to their Melee or Shooting statistics whenever they make Melee or Shooting attacks against the selected target. Issue Reward can only be used by a Mercenary Captain one time(s) per game.

Upgrades Edit

A Mercenary Captain replace their dagger with a;

  • Pistol - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 4
  • Shield - This model gets a +1 to its Armour statistic against attacks which originate in this model's front arc. (price)
  • Additional Hand Weapon.
  • Banner - Friendly models get +1 to their Morale statistic whilst within 6" of the model wielding this item.

A Mercenary Captain may replace both his hand weapon and dagger with one of the following ;

  • Two-Handed Weapon - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 4

A Mercenary Captain can replace their hand weapon with one of the following if they did not replace their dagger.

  • Bow - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 3
  • Crossbow - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 4
  • Arquebus - Shooting, Range ?", Strength 5

A Mercenary Captain may take;

  • Heavy Armour - The model suffers a -1 to its Move and Agility statistics but gains a +1 to its Armour statistic.

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