Trolls are large, fat humanoids with webbed fingers, fish-like fins and covered in scales. They primarily dwell near riverways feasting on fish and often make ramshackle homes underneath bridges.   

Due to their impressive regeneration abilities as well as the ungodly stench of rotten fish which hangs about them, they make popular shock troops among Riverland commanders, if to the dismay of their allies.

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Big Club - Melee, Range 1", Strength 6
    • Big Swing - When a model attacks with a weapon with this rule, it can make an attack against all models within the weapon's melee range at half strength, rounding up.
  • Bite - Melee, Range 0.5", Strength 3
    • Snacking - When a Living model is killed by a weapon with this rule, then the weapon's wielder heals 1 damage.

Special Abilities Edit

  • Aquatic – This model treats aquatic terrain as open ground and whilst this model is within 1" of a piece of aquatic terrain gains a +1 modifier to its Move and Agility statistics.
  • Frightening – Enemy models suffer –1 to their Morale statistic whilst within 3" of this model. Models with the Frightening or Terrifying special abilities are immune to this ability.
  • Regeneration(d3) – During each Rally phase remove d3 damage from this model.
  • Stench - Enemy models within 3" of this model suffer a –1 modifier to their Melee statistic. Constructs, Undead and Models with the Stench special ability are immune to this effect.

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